PBC Children's Ministries

     The Children's Ministries at Pennsville range from nursery care through sixth grade. We strive to provide a safe, loving environment where the children can have fun and learn about God, His Word, and His plan for their lives! 
    Come and grow with us!

    Group Age Service
    Nursery Birth to Age 2 All Services
    Kidz Church Ages 2 - Kindergarten; Grades 1 - 6 Sunday Morning 9:45am
    Readers & Runners Ages 3 - Grade 3 Sunday Evening
    Awana Ages 2 - 4Yr. Olds Wednesday Evening
    Gopher Buddies Kindergarten Wednesday Evening
    WIRED Kids Grades 1 - 6 Wednesday Evening
    UPWARD Basketball Age 4 - Grade 9 Sign-Ups in November

     Kidz Church:
    We have a great program for kids in Grades 1-6 on Sunday mornings!



    Readers & Runners:
    Ages 3 - Grade 3 will be dismissed from the main service on Sunday Eves and will enjoy a relaxing time in the Family Life Center as we read good Christian Literature and enjoy the facilities!

    AWANA Clubs for ages 2-K meet every Wednesday from September through May
    What a great way for young children to learn to hide God's Word in their hearts!

    View our Awana Calendar for special nights

    Gopher Buddies:

    Gopher Buddies for Kindergarten age students meet every Wednesday throughout the year. 

    View our Gopher Buddies Calendar for special nights

    W.I.R.E.D = Walking In the Right Eternal Direction:
    We begin at 7 pm each Wednesday in the Family Life Center, where parents sign in their children, and move into choir, worship, and lesson from there!  We like to have fun while we learn about the truths given in God's Word!  Children in Grades 1-6 are welcome to join us!

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    View our W.I.R.E.D. Calendar for special nights

    Resources for parents to use at home:

    Christian Children's Book Review

    Book reviews for moms, by moms.  Their purpose?

    "We're Christian moms who not only love books, but love helping our kids learn to love books - and the Lord. This blog is our ministry, started because we couldn't find a comprehensive website of Christian children's picture book reviews. We hope you find it useful."

    Check it out!  They're on Facebook, too!

    Creation for Kids

    This site is GREAT when you are dealing with those evolution / Creation questions!!  They even have a fun fact page on dinosaurs, with articles on questions like, "Were there dinosaurs on Noah's Ark?"


    From our friends at Jellyfish Labs and Focus on the Family, this site is one that I feel totally confident about recommending! The subject matter and content is always written using a Biblical world view.  This site has it all: fun games, video clips and actual whole shows that can be viewed online. Shows like: Adventures in Odyssey, Buck Denver and Friends, and Buck's Mailbag.  If you're a fan of What's in the Bible?, you will absolutely love Jelly Telly!