For all members & regular attenders of PBC:

    Our PBC Churchlife program provides our members 24/7 access to their membership information.  All members who wish to access their information can create a login.  This system is known as Access ACS and can be accessed through a website.
    Once you register, you can:

    • Change your personal information
    • Online giving
    • Register for events, book orders, etc. 
    • View church directory

    To register, please CLICK HERE! 

    1.  You MUST click on the "Need a Login? Click Here" link first (your matching email, first and last name has to be in our system for you to create a login. If we do not already have it, call the church office for further instructions.) A link will then be emailed to you. Once you click the link you will be able to create a password for your username/email. 

    You will then use your username/email & password you created to log on to the website

    *If you need help with this, please call the church office.