You are invited to take part in our church-wide event!  REGISTER HERE  IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO DO A TRUNK!

    On Wednesday, October 26, we would like to have as many people/groups of PBC to join us in decorating the trunks of cars/beds of trucks for an event for children & their families. They will be invited to visit each vehicle as they circle the parking lot. We will also be doing a prize drawing throughout the evening. 

    Wednesday, Oct 26, 2022 

              7:00-8:15 pm


    1.   The Gym/Parking Lot will open at 5:00 pm for early decorators. 

    2.   We will set up in the parking lot BETWEEN THE MAIN CHURCH AND THE REC BUILDING.

    3.   Your cars will be numbered (you will receive at a later date). This will be your parking lot space number. Please look for it when you park.

    4.   Arrive NO LATER than 6:15 pm.

    5.   The parking lot will be roped off at 6:15 pm.

    6.   Our Candy Dispatcher will visit your car between 6:30-7:00 to be sure you have candy to hand out. DO NOT ALLOW TREATERS TO REACH IN TO HELP THEMSELVES TO CANDY.

    7.   The children & their families will be welcomed to enter at 7:00 pm.


    7:00- Begins; children allowed to play games between the cars

    8:00- Enter gym for Closing & Prizes

    **Guidelines will be posted at the beginning of October