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      How to stay connected with PBC...

      July 16, 2019


      For all members, regular attenders and friends of PBC:

      1.) Our PBC Church Life app provides our members 24/7 access to their membership information.  All members who wish to access their information can create a login.  This system is known as Access ACS and can be accessed through a website or a mobile app.
      Once you register, you can:
      • Change your personal information.
      • Set up online giving.
      • Register for events. 
      • View or print an updated church directory

      To register for the Access ACS/ACS Church Life app, please CLICK HERE! 

         a. you MUST click on the "Need a Login? Click Here" link first (your
         matching email, first and last name has to be in our system for you to  
         create a login. If we do not already have it, call the church office for  
         further instructions.) A link will then be emailed to you. Once you click     the link you will be able to create a password for your username. 

         b. you have to download the ACS Church Life app on your phone or  
         device from an app store. 


      You will then use your username/email & password you created to log onto the app or the website. 

      2.) For the most up to date information regarding specific group information (teens, children's ministry, 50+, small groups, etc.), weather and emergencies, please opt-in to receive text message alerts from the church. 
      (If you receive an alert that you need to enter more information, your name & phone number ARE BOTH required or we cannot enter you into the system.)