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    Does the world ever feel unsteady under your feet?

    Does your faith ever buckle under culture's weight?

    Do you struggle to decipher truth among the millions of voices on your feed?

    Friend, you're not alone.

    In the never-ending chaos of the world, we'll take refuge in the unchanging truth of God's Word at the Lifeway Women Simulcast. Together we'll turn our eyes to Christ - our Living Truth - and explore what it means to walk in truth, speak truth in love, and so much more. You can be a part of a diverse community of believers gathering around the globe to pursue Christ together.

    At this one-day digital event, we’ll give God time in our busy schedules to hear His voice, spend a day centering our hearts on His Word, and engage with women who, like you, believe God’s Word changes lives. Get ready to be replenished in your faith by learning from some of today’s top Bible teachers—women who are confident in the truth and relevance of God’s Word for our lives today.